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Risk manager survey reveals no surprises whatsoever

Reputation risk, terrorism and business continuity are all important in the risk manager?s league table of most worrying exposures. But according to a new survey on what keeps risk managers awake at night, the most cited source of insomnia is the thought, ?did I turn the lights off downstairs before I came to bed??

Risk - keeping risk managers awake at night

The latest unhelpful survey from Doublespeak Consulting found that risk managers are disturbed at night by a wide range of anxieties - but not all relate to their day jobs.

Billy J. Kramer, risk manager of Clay Bobbins Inc said that thinking about mundane risks was just as likely to cause sleeplessness as corporate solvency threatening issues.

?It?s important for risk managers to achieve a good work/life balance,? Kramer told riskbitz. ?That means fretting about the little stuff as well.? Several risk managers responding to the survey were concerned about a global ?flu pandemic, and one was worried about climate change due to global warming.

But interestingly, other more easily managed risks also ranked highly - such as ?the cistern overflow dripping like it did the other night?.

Kieron Candid, co-principal of Doublespeak Consulting, said that the survey results showed that risk managers never stop being risk managers. ?They think about risk 24/7. That?s their headset. In that sense they are thinking and dreaming holistically, looking at the full spectrum of risk, across the workplace and er, homeplace,? Candid said.

Made up league table of what keeps risk managers awake at night:
- Thinking about lights left on downstairs;
- Massive product liability incident leading to loss of reputation;
- Dripping cistern overflow;
- Terrorist attack on IT facility
- Indigestion caused by cheese and pickle sandwich before bed;
- Global warming causing climate change leading to interruption in commodity supply chain;
- Son/daughter not doing enough work to get good grades;
- Prospect of R&D team defecting to competition;
- Waistband of pyjama bottoms too tight;
- Global ?flu pandemic wiping out entire population of world.

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