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Archived stories from Nov 2019

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Interview: the reinsurance CEO that rocks

Rebore Magazine the glossy monthly magazine for the reinsurance industry sent its editor, Kevin Brownose, to carry out an in-depth, one-on-one, no holds barred interview with Uwe Hardnome, chief executive of Gnomische Re.

Shareholders acclaim CEO Hardnome
at recent AGM

Gnomische Re is one of the biggest reinsurers in the world with assets of US$540 billion, premium income of US$10 trillion and an advertising budget of US$500,000. Chief executive Uwe Hardnome is the most deeply respected reinsurance boss in the industry. I'm here, 400 floors up, in Hardnome's tastefully furnished oak panelled office to find out exactly what makes him the most deeply respected reinsurance boss in the business and why his company is easily the best reinsurance group in the industry.

Between sips of the finest Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee served in stylish Jasper Conran cups and mouthfuls of Choco Liebnitz biscuits served on a silver platter, I put it to Mr Hardnome that his advertising campaign, which features key members of management talking earnestly to models pretending to be Gnomische clients, is easily the best advertising campaign in the industry and that Rebore magazine is honoured to carry the full 12 series of double page spreads in four colour with a gatefold.

In typically enigmatic fashion, his designer glasses glinting in the sunlight, Hardnome simply nods in agreement, while simultaneously emailing to his CFO on a goldplated Blackberry. Brilliant!

Moving on to Gnomische Re's global strategy, I ask Mr Hardnome if he thought that winning 15 categories in the recent Rebore Reinsurance Awards was confirmation that Gnomische's stragey for total domination of the reinsurance market was indeed working. "Yes," he says succinctly while signing redundancy papers for 20,000 middle managers. "Maybe."

And does Mr Hardnome feel that Gnomische Re's sponsorship of Rebore Magazine's annual Rebore Reinsurance Summit and Webinar held at the Caf? Royal in Tadcaster was confirmation that Gnomische Re was indeed the font of all reinsurance wisdom. "Possibly," Mr Hardnome says with exquisite economy, before adding, "Now get out of my office. I've got some real work to do." Extraordinary.

No wonder Rebore Magazine will be featuring Uwe Hardnome, the reinsurance world's greatest CEO again next month and the month after that. His company's marketing budget is just massive. [Sub's note: can someone run the quotes past Hardnome's flak as I don't want to get on the wrong side of him. Ed]

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