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Contact made with lost broker tribe

An expedition in a remote Amazonian region of Brazil has made contact with a tribe of indigenous insurance brokers never before exposed to western society.

The tell-tale sign of the presence of brokers

The 11-member team from London's Emerging Markets Bureau met about 30 members of the tribe for about an hour over the weekend, giving them business cards and desk tidies. The broker tribe apparently already knew about the existence of other people. But the primitive brokers had heard about them from other tribes with little exposure to the developed world except at industry conferences in Florida.

The first signs of their existence were uncovered last year when an aerial survey of the region revealed a previously undetected village made of 16 long houses and a wine bar. Curious markings in clearings were initially thought to be to do with worship. But they were later shown to be part of a crude golf course built by the brokers.

The research team apparently only made contact with the tribe to investigate rumours that they were being ruled and exploited by a neighbouring wholesale tribe.

Unregulated, Amazon broker tribes live mainly from hunting and gathering commissions. With a strict hierarchy, those with the biggest protruding tummies appeared to have seniority. Hair slicked into spikes using a form of aloe gel denotes lowly rank.


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