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Top Loss returns to screens

The London Market's flagship TV programme, Top Loss, is returning to our screens with a new presenter and a brand new format. Following the acrimonious departure of Sir Dudley "Dumbo" Duddleston, Chief Executive, Hoggwartz Global Insurance, the producers were keen to move the programme in an exciting new direction.

Sir Dudley - was he pushed
or was he shoved?

Replacing Sir Dud was always going to be difficult for the show. He has a loyal following in EC3 who enjoyed his drunken blatherings about burning cost ratios and cut through endorsements. He was notoriously contemptuous of brokers and technology of any sort, and was famous for his comments on Bermuda ('Shorts-gate'), marketing executives ('Tosser-gate'), on-line platforms ('Total Crap-gate') and actuaries ("jolly sound fellows").

He received regular final written warnings, not least for his description of reinsurance brokers as "pathetic lightweights who can't hold their drink, don't know their Chateau Lafite from their arse," who spend their contingent commissions on school fees for little Tarquin rather than what it should be spent on - entertaining underwriters."

The final straw came as he punched a broker who had asked for improved terms and conditions on a paid loss retro policy. He was immediately sacked from the show four months later. He later issued an apology, stating: "That broker was an apology for a broker."

His surprise replacement, announced yesterday, is Mocha Re's Chief executive and chairman, Sir Norbert "Nobby" Johnson. "We felt we needed to go in a new direction and have gone for a radical departure in appointing Sir Nobby," said a spokesman for the show. "We are excited by the change in ethos and style."

Sir Nob celebrated his appointment to the show by going on an EC3 pub crawl with his mates Sir Cuthbert "Cutty" Sark, chairman and CEO of Hapless Insurance, and Sir Dudley. He was cautioned for assaulting a group of brokers, after unleashing a torrent of verbal abuse including calling them pathetic lightweights who can't hold their drink, don't know their Dom Perignon from their elbow, and castigating them for no longer accepting contingent commissions.

He later told insurance reporters that Bermuda shorts "were just wrong", and marketing executives were all tossers who could "stick their brand awareness up their iPad." He was later arrested for soliciting an actuary for surplus relief for his gross line.

Top Loss is famous for road-testing new policies, ?specials' where the hosts travel to foreign countries and criticise the insurance regulations and the local market, and its long-running Reinsurance in a Reasonably Priced Sidecar.

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