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Next year in review - same as the year before

To find out what the future holds for risk professionals in 2014, Riskbitz's intrepid reporters Todd Gwynion and Bart Hogroy toured the public houses of EC3 last Friday evening to take a straw poll of opinions from industry insiders. After analysing their results over several pints, this is what they found:

Which way is the future?

1 Regulatory oversight will be stepped up to the point that it will be a criminal offence to actually accept insurance or reinsurance business, Lloyd's will effectively become a prison overseen by warders in red coats. "You laugh mate, but if Brussels has its way not being funny we'll all be living in Zurich innit," one clerk said. "Fink abaht it."

2 Alternative capital will continue to come into the market until there is a massive event. Then it will quickly leave the market, wait for a bit and rush back in. Brokers drinking outside the Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market said it will never replace traditional capital "not never mate over my dead body. It don't pay no commission hahaha."

3 A new term for market conditions will have to be coined in 2014 to describe a state worse than soft. Among the shouted contributions from one group of drinkers (that can be printed in a family publication) are: runny, jelly and slimy.

4 New emerging markets will er, emerge. "My money's on Costa Rica, Croatia and the Seychelles as the new ?hot' spots, old boy," said a tanned marine broker winking furiously. "I fully intend exploring these markets in the new year with my Russian colleague Ivor Jetski hahaha."

5 Climate change will move up the agenda, according to a group of young interns smoking outside a bar. "I wish it would - it's freezing out here," said one young man. "Will this emission help?" rejoined another, noisily breaking wind. "Carbon capture that one mate!"

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