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Insurance linked reinsurance poised for growth

One hundred and fifty years after its inception, the market for insurance-linked reinsurance (ILR) is poised for continued growth as so-called cedants abandon insurance linked securities and ILWs and instead access what are known as proportional and non-proportional treaty solutions to finance growth, manage their capital and transfer risks related to natural catastrophes and other extreme events, according to Gnome Re's latest publication.

London - A growing ILR centre

Aimed at companies wishing to transfer peak risks as well as qualified institutional investors seeking to invest in reinsurers, Gnome Re's

Gnome Re, a pioneer in the development of the ILR sector, has underwritten both life and non-life risks.

Otto Nomaitz, investment analyst with Dosch Partners, said that insurance linked reinsurance was a good investment in theory. "But I can't see it catching on with investors. I mean insurers are bad enough, who's going to invest in a company that gets most of its business from them?"



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