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Sir Nob back after being nabbed on the job

Sir Norbert "Nobber" Johnson has returned to his job at Mocha Re, months after standing down after he resigned over multiple job affairs.

He told the world's media that he regrets having had so many jobs at the same time as he was heading up Mocha Re. "I was unfaithful. I had corporate affairs and I cheated. What I did was unacceptable," said Sir Nobby. "I hurt my company, the employees, the shareholders, the regulators, and the media. And I've let down my golfing partners by not being there when they needed me. But I'm a job addict."

I've let myself come back

He denied, however, that his actions had hurt his wife: "Lady Johnson loved the fourteen salaries and bonuses that I received. She is fully supportive of the fact that I need to be constantly on the job to support the houses in Belgravia, the Cotswolds, Gstaad, Tuscany, the Seychelles and of course Liechtenstein."

Sir Nob-A-Job has said he hoped to return to being a useless, overpaid role model in the reinsurance industry as soon as possible. He admitted that he was currently in retail therapy, having purchased a new Bentley just last week. "Once the therapy is over, I will be faithful to Mocha Re," he told RISKbitz. "But when I do return I need to make sure that I earn enough from Mocha Re to rule out the need for other corporate affairs."

His infidelities were discovered at the end of last year when it was revealed in the media that he was on the job in 14 other places. Some executives have expressed surprise that he could be on the job in so many different positions at his age. Others have said that job addiction is normal in the industry.

One industry observer observed: "He thought he could do what he wanted. We should have seen it coming. His comment at the annual shareholders' meeting last year, when he told the analysts ?Can Sir Nob have lots of jobs? Yes he can', should have been a clue.

"I've let myself down, I've let my wife down, and I've let my trousers down," said the Nobster. "But worst of all, I've let my bank balance go down."

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