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Archived stories from Apr 2019

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RUMUNS 2008 super sizes its programme

Risk managers, commercial insurance executives and brokers are readying themselves for RUMUNS 2008, the annual convention of the Risk and Underwriting Managers Society. Around 40,000 delegates are expected by the organizers of the industry's biggest show, which this year takes place at the Amarillo Brillo Centre.

Delegates go crazy
for conference

RUMUNS 2008 will feature 18,000 expert speakers leading 1,400 educational sessions as well as a programme of pre-breakfast power presentations, off-site extra-curricular activities and late night drinking binges (are you sure about this? Ed). Must see lunchtime speakers include the hooker at the center of the Eliot Spitzer scandal talking on reputation risk and the former Russian president Vlad Putin on succession planning for CEOs.

Offsite workshops planned for the convention include visits to Amarillo's famous string museum and also to FaxWorld, the interactive leisure park that is themed around classic fax machine technology.

Entertainment on Wednesday evening will be provided in the form of a comic opera called "Medicare! Stop It You're Killing Me!!" performed by the RUMUNS Players. "I can guarantee that there won't be a dry seat in the house," the programme promises.

A full list of hot topic sessions is available from the organizers but riskBITZ is able to offer this preview.

Why is my broker looking at me like that? A session led by risk manager Dave Groat exploring the post bid rigging world of corporate insurance.

SOX and FROX - looking under the skirts of corporate governance from a transgender perspective. Workshop by guest contributor Grayson Perry.

Stone the CROs and get with IT. Why the chief risk officer can be replaced/ by a computer programme that costs a fraction, doesn't demand a corner office and doesn't keep asking stupid questions. Interactive session in RUMUNS risk lab.

Is that a multinational insurance programme in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me? Why insurers like it when you place all your covers with them on a multiyear basis. Aubrey Smuggins, underwriter at Smarm Global explains.

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