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New generation of leak-free pressbots almost ready

A new generation of insurance industry pressbots is to be launched by PressBot Inc, according to leaked reports from PressBot Inc's own pressbot, Toby Botpress. The company, which last year was forced to recall hundreds of leaky, malfunctioning androids, says the new insurance media interface operatives have a number of new features and improvements.

The new improved
PressBot 2008

Like the previous generation pressbots, PressBot 2008 will be available in male or female livery. "But PressBot 2008 will be available in a different styles to suit respective company images," Botpress told RISKbitz. "The one size fits all mentality is totally outmoded in the 2008 risk industry media executive space."

As a result, traditional insurers, for example, will be able to acquire an operating licence for a grey haired middle aged pressbot designed to not respond to journalists' questions with gravitas and sobriety. Alternatively, lively start-up broking firms can opt for a casually dressed thirty something pressbot who is never in the office.

"We call our younger pressbot variant PrePPi but users will want to give him their own name, like Jasper," Botpress said. "He is equipped with satnav technology and can locate himself in places such as Monte Carlo or city wine bars. But he is hardwired to stay out of the office."

A female counterpart to PrePPi, dubbed PoPPi, is still on the drawing board. PressBot Inc said it was taking longer than originally anticipated to finalise PoPPi's make-up. "We don't mean her actual cosmetic make-up - that will be applied with a trowel as usual. We are still fine tuning her responses," Botpress said. "One or two clients have said that they would like a female double barrelled pressbot that at least acknowledges calls from media representatives and even interacts if business is slow.

"What we want to avoid is senior executives - especially brokers - from being distracted by the presence of an attractive bot around the office [where's this story going? Ed]," said Botpress, winking.

Botpress declined to comment further saying, "But look, I've started leaking all over the place. I'm going back to the workshop to have my seals refitted."

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