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Risk management survey "states the bleedin' obvious"

A new survey from management consultants Doublespeak Consulting has revealed that risk managers would like a seat on the Board, would like more money, and don't want to be called insurance managers. It also found that bears regularly visit the woods.

Latest captive domicile revealed

The survey also found that 95% of risk managers have used the words "silo mentality", "thinking outside of the box", "holistic risk management" in the last month.

The survey of 100 risk managers asked the respondents to provide a one word job description. At least 127 described themselves as a "facilitator", while 28 said they were "enablers". Around 40 described themselves as ?liaisoners?, while 78 described themselves as ?introducers?. A further 456 said they were ?bridges? while 2 described themselves as ?stressed?. A massive 85% said they were ?empowerers?, with 109% describing themselves as ?nice?. No-one mentioned insurance.

The survey also revealed that every respondent had been a broker, was a broker doing the role of a risk manager where it had been outsourced, or was planning to be a broker when the job was outsourced. One had done a degree in Risk Management Philosophy but was currently in therapy.

On the captive side, 93% had a captive in a domicile where the temperature was pleasant all year round, while 89% had a captive next to a golf course. Air Miles was the most common reason given for having a captive.

The most favoured domiciles were as follows: Goa, Montego Bay, EuroDisney, Playa Las Americas in Tenerife, Tuscany, the Dordogne, and ?This marvellous little place we found last year tucked away in the hills overlooking Lake Windermere?. The Isle of Wight was promoted as the next big UK captive domicile, able to take advantage of the EU single market, close links to mainland Britain, and nice Bed & Breakfasts.

The most common reason for adopting a multinational insurance programme was because ?I never really travelled the world as a student and feel as though I missed out.?

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