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Archived stories from Jan 2007

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Bullying row hits Celebrity Big Re Market

The row over accusations of finite bullying in the current series of ?Celebrity Big Reinsurance Market? is growing. Bermuda has complained about bullying but said it did not believe it was ?finite?.

Bermuda alleges bullying
by other reinsurance markets

London, Germany and Switzerland are alleged to have ganged up on Bermuda, accusing it of being different, and writing strange foreign policies.

In one heated argument, London accused Bermuda of writing ?those dodgy policies?. The finite accusations have caused the most controversy, with London being evicted in a head?to-head with Bermuda. After the eviction, London explained that it hadn?t meant to be ?finitist? but accepted that some of its comments could have been seen to be implying ?financial reinsurance?.

A clearly emotional Bermuda said that it has been picked on in the show because it operated in a different culture. ?Just because we have low taxation, doesn?t mean we?re a tax haven. We?ve been cleared by the OECD of that, so it hurts when it?s brought up again.?

The other contestants showed no signs of backing down. Last night, they accused Bermuda of hogging the Jacuzzi, and wearing silly shorts with a suit and tie. The Commission for Domicile Equality called it blatant discrimination and demanded an investigation.

All of the reinsurance centres in the Big Brother house, including Bermuda, failed the latest task, and were now on strict rations and no booze. The task involved creating regulations that allowed business to expand but put in place controls over liquidations and run-off, and enacting a two minute mime of their favourite soap opera.

Earlier in the show, New York, Dublin and Luxembourg walked out over claims that they couldn?t work with the surprise housemate, Brazil, which recently entered the house. Brazil laid down a number of stipulations which many of the housemates said they could not live with, such as having its own toilet, its own food budget and not working with anyone based in a tax haven.

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