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Archived stories from Nov 2019

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Yet more totally made-up news in brief

Los Angeles, California. Gollum Re?s chief executive, Burl Juggernaut III, has announced he is to stand as Governor of California next time around. ?Damn, if that guy Spritzer can do it, why the hell can?t I?, said Juggernut. ?I know reinsurance better than him, and I?m probably just as unpopular with brokers as he is ? we?re always screwing them over commissions.?

Juggernutter said that he also had much in common with Arnold Schwarzenegger which should stand him in good stead with the electorate. Known as the ?The Retrocessionator?, Juggernaut said he was a twin, had often told his wife he ?would be back? when attending The Monte Carlo Rendezous, and had provided reinsurance cover for a number of total recall policies. He promised to be ?Tough on reinsurance, and tough on the causes of insurance.?

New York, New York. A very rich, very old man has denied that he is planning to buy the entire London insurance and reinsurance market. The very rich, very old man said that although he was very rich and very old, he still wanted to have more insurance companies, more money and more of everything.

?I may look like a silly old buffer,? the very rich, very old man told RISKbitz, laughing maniacally. ?But I?ll soon be in charge of the entire global insurance market, ha ha ha ha!? Meanwhile another very rich very old man who used to be in charge of the global insurance market told anyone that would listen that he would live forever and? cont p9

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