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London, London. ?A Royal Casino?, the new movie based on the memoirs of Sir Norbert ?Nobby? Johnson, is set in the exotic locations of Monte Carlo, Baden Baden, Bermuda and London. It charts the rise of Sir Nob at Lloyd?s, and his eventual role as a managing agent of syndicate 007. The film shows how Nob receives his licence to practice at Lloyd?s, and then ruthlessly goes after the opposition, taking out a number of Bermuda reinsurers.

Sir Nob?s old side-car
Astonmartin Re

The film includes a welcome return to Sir Nob?s old side-car ?Astonmartin Re?, as well the classic line: ?The name?s Nobby. Sir Nobby. Now get me a decent table, I?m a knight of the Realm, you know.? The film also sees the Nobmeister ordering his favourite tipple ? ?A glass of claret ? and leave the bottle.?

Zurich, Switzerland. Regulatory authorities are believed to be investigating a new form of finite reinsurance cover being marketed by global reinsurer Mocha Re. Called ?I Can?t Believe It?s Reinsurance?, the multi-year programme has attracted considerable interest since being launched by Mocha Re earlier this year.

Described by Mocha Re chairman Sir Norbert ?Nobby? Johnson as ?Viagra for the balance sheet?, the ?I Can?t Believe It?s Reinsurance? product is intended to disguise poor underwriting results, artificially bolster reserves and boost net income. Yet, according to Sir Nobby, the coverage is bona fide reinsurance and can be accounted for as such by buyers. ?Risk transfer, that?s the secret old boy,? Sir Nob told RISKbitz, winking theatrically and tapping the side of his nose. Cont p4

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