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Archived stories from Nov 2019

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Boss Hogg backs new super regional broker

The private equity firm Boss Hogg Partners LLC has formed a US broker company to rival the established super-regionals. Dukes of Hazzard Broking, which will be based in an unincorporated area of Hazzard County, Georgia, brings together several well known names from the southern US broking world.

Bo Duke is the younger, wilder of the famous Hazzard broking cousins. More of a ?place first, ask questions later? type, Bo and his cousin Luke were recently cleared of any improprieties related to bid rigging. Along with Luke, Bo now regularly fights on the side of justice against the corrupt regulatory officials in Hazzard. Bo is known for his yell, ?Yeeeee-Haaa!?

Luke Duke is the dark-haired, older cousin. More mature and rational than his cousin Bo, he is typically the one who can structure complex risk financing strategies for clients. But Luke, an ex-Marine and skilled fighter, is also a specialist in client retention.

Daisy Duke, Luke and Bo?s cousin, previously worked as a waitress at the Boar's Nest, a bar in Hazzard County?s financial district. She used her looks and her provocatively high-cut jean shorts at the restaurant to get insider information to help the Dukes in winning new business.

Rosco Purvis Coltrane, former policeman and associate of private equity specialist, Jefferson Davis ?J.D.? Hogg (Boss Hogg), is to be head of compliance. Deputy Enos Strate, who is believed to have a crush on Daisy Duke, has been named as the firm?s CFO. Former Hazzard County mechanic and honorary Duke, Cooter Davenport (also known as Crazy Cooter), is to be head of IT.

The Dukes backer and former rival, Boss Hogg is the wealthiest man in Hazzard County, and owns most of its property and businesses - whether directly or by holding the mortgages over the land. Despite being a greedy, corrupt county commissioner with visions of grandeur and a voracious appetite for fatty foods, he is well respected in the insurance world.

Boss Hogg?s white 1970 Cadillac Coupe de Ville convertible (almost always driven by a chauffeur), with bull horns attached to the hood, is a common sight at surplus lines meetings in the US.

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