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Class action over failed hurricane season

The World Meteorological Organization is facing legal action from a number of people in the US who claim that they have been robbed of their chance of celebrity status and enhanced earnings as a result of the absence of windstorms.

The litigation relates to the mild hurricane season in 2006, which has so far seen only nine of the 21 names listed by the WMO used for Tropical storms or hurricanes. A class action of people named Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie and William, has been formed.

Their lawyer, Henry Bile, from US law firm Umbrage, Bile, Folly, Drivel & Dullard, said that the Atlantic Storm name list for 2006 had been publicised for some years, and after last year?s record year for storms, it was perfectly understandable for his clients to feel cheated that their name had not been used.

?A number of my clients were looking forward to their 20 minutes of fame, and now feel let down. Many were planning to use their new celebrity name to launch a career in reality television,? Bile said. One client had launched a restaurant called ?Hurricane Tony?s on the basis that it could have been a really big one. Another client was a WWF wrestler, who had changed his name to Hurricane Michael. ?His career is in tatters,? Bile said.

Other clients include a beauty pageant contestant, a woman applying for American Idol, a loss adjuster and two reinsurance companies.

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