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Email alert: BUNG appoints Grabber to new role

British United National Group (BUNG) is pleased to announce that Steve Grabber has been appointed vice co-principal practice leader of the company?s domestic retail insurance broking division (North West) with special responsibility for SME/ESN corporate client retention.

Grabber, who has a first class degree in oleaginous studies from Essex University, joins BUNG from Lloyd?s broker Loudsuit & Tanshop.

Disclosure of Material Facts: Every Proposer or Insured/Reinsured when seeking new insurance/reinsurance or renewing an existing Policy must disclose any information that might influence the Insurer/Reinsurer in deciding whether or not to accept the risk, how unreasonable their terms should be, or what extortionate premiums to charge. OK, the insurance/reinsurance will be voidable in the event of a claim anyway but such disclosure will enable the Insurer/Reinsurer to repudiate liability without recourse to expensive lawyers, Feeze, Feeze and Grossfeeze.

As brokers we are committed to full transparency. Of course we are. We all want a level playing field. If you want to know about any contingent commissions, profit commissions, market service agreements, expense related payments, side-letters, kickbacks, palm greasers, gifts or even blackmail threats related to your coverage don?t hesitate to ask. Send you request in writing to: Client Relations, Box 124, Poste Restante, Kinshasa, People?s Republic of Congo. If we don?t hear from you we will assume you are OK with the status quo.

This email, together with any virus attachments, is for the exclusive and confidential use of the addressee(s) and may contain traces of nuts. If you have received this message in error, please goad the sender by email immediately and copy the message to all your business associates and press contacts. We accept no liability for any damage caused by the virus transmitted by this email. It was put there by Derek, a disgruntled drone in IT.

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