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Post conference blues hits industry executives

A new form of seasonal depression is increasingly taking hold in the insurance and reinsurance community. Dubbed Post-Conference Season Syndrome or PCSS, the illness affects mostly senior male executives. With symptoms ranging from a mild malaise to debilitating despair, PCSS usually strikes in mid-November as the conference season winds down.

Life's not worth living
without room service

"What we find is that male re/insurance executives become accustomed to an unusually high level of living during the Autumn conference season," says Professor Mike Bogus, consultant psychologist at UCL. "They eat in expensive restaurants, travel around in taxis and spend their days talking about formula one racing with their colleagues.

"On returning to their suburban homes they are confronted by the reality of their humdrum existences and stripped of the VIP status they have acquired while staying in posh five star hotels. They become disillusioned with life," Professor Sikes told RISKbitz.

One distressed reinsurance wife told RISKbitz that her broker husband takes weeks to come to terms with the end of the conference season. "He clicks his fingers at me and if I don't come running with a large G & T and a bowl of peanuts he goes into a sulk. He demands clean towels and sheets everyday - and a little chocolate sweetie on his pillow at bedtime. How sad is that?"

PCSS not only causes unhappiness and disruption at home, it can also be costly for employers. "PCSS couldn't happen at a worse time, what with renewals coming on," says Trudy Headcount, HR manager at Mocha Re. "Our guys should be out there writing new business and instead they are moping around the water cooler talking to one another about the great time they had in the Casino that night."

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