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Modeller calls for more storm names

A leading catastrophe modelling firm has warned that if the current increase in the number of hurricanes and tropical storms continues, there could be a dramatic shortage of names to go round. ?What happens when we run out of male and female names,? said Merrydew Shankleburg IV, super model for Models-R-Us. ?We need to plan ahead, ?cos next year could see a huge increase in storms needing to be named. Sure, they move to the Greek alphabet if there are more than 21 storms, but what happens after that?? Shankleburg proposes a move to pet names (eg Dobbin, Fluffy, Tiddles, and Gnasher), followed by types of fruit, and finally the Periodic Table. ?This should see us through OK, at least for a few years,? he explained. ?After that, I just dunno.? Cont p3

Hurricane Fluffikins

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