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Latest Brexit resignation

Mocha Re’s Chief executive and chairman Sir Norbert “Nobby” Johnson, has stunned the reinsurance world by announcing his immediate resignation following the Brexit referendum result last year. He told staff he had given it a lot of thought over the last couple of hours and had decided that he could not carry on leading Mocha Re in this post-Brexit period of uncertainty.

Mocha Re’s Chief executive and chairman Sir Norbert “Nobby” Johnson

“I was planning on retiring in a few years’ time, and spending my remaining days in Tuscany at my home there. I now realise that this will be severely impacted by Britain being out of the EU, with the possibility of my forced repatriation to Surrey, where Chianti will double in price, and Cognac will go through the roof,” he said.

“If Lady Johnson and I were able to stay in the villa, my pension will be worth half its value thanks to the weak pound. And I expect passporting rights for our two Labradors to travel freely to Europe will also be curtailed. So I’m getting over their sharpish while we’re still in the EU and try and enjoy what I can and hope for second referendum,” he explained.

When asked what he thought Brexit would mean for Mocha Re and the London market, Sir Nob said he didn’t really care. “Clearly they are all buggered. Still, rather like Gove, Boris, Cameron and Farage, it’s not my problem,” he said.

Pressed for a solution, he told RISKbitz that the only option was to open the Thames Barrier, wait for a flood, allow the City of London to become an island, and declare itself a self-governing dependency of the Crown within the Commonwealth, like Guernsey and the Isle of Man, and then apply for EU membership.

“Either that or just move everyone to the Netherlands. Or Dublin. Or Bermuda. Or Tuscany. I’ve heard its lovely there this time of year,” said the Nobster.

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