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The floating domicile evades authorities again

The floating captive domicile, which has been on the run from regulators for more than a decade, has been spotted off the coast of Alaska. Last seen off Florida, the converted cruise ship, which is operated by a group of renegade captive managers, is believed to have been lying low for the last two years. Special operatives have been hunting for the floating financial centre in the Caribbean, but the sighting off Alaska suggests it has switched to colder climates in an attempt to avoid detection.

Still on the run

The floating domicile, known as the Captivator, first attracted the attention of the IRS after dozens of US corporations relocated their onshore captives to the ocean-going financial centre.

The floating domicile, a converted cruise ship which boasts light regulatory oversight and deck quoits, has ignored repeated calls from international authorities to ?hove to?.

The ship, which is believed to have a suite of protected cells below decks, has recently undergone a refit, according to sources. It now boasts an on-board casino, as well as an 18 hole golf course, Michelin starred restaurant, helipad and new sun-loungers. The domicile has also reportedly revamped its captive legislation. A spokesman for the domicile revealed through Wikileaks that is now actively seeking 831(b) captives (?just because the IRS hates them?).

The spokesman also said they were launching a new type of captive for the market. ?People forget that we invented protected cells, and portfolio cells, and of course, our specialty, unprotected cells,? he said. ?And once again we are leading the way with the launch of our new Existential Cell Captives. They are all individual and yet do they really exist? What is existence? Can you tax something that may not exist? Can you regulate existence? As Kierkegaard once said??

The IRS said it was aware of the sighting of the floating domicile and had despatched two destroyers and an aircraft carrier to Alaska, with orders to intercept the ship and tow it to Washington DC, but had failed to make contact. The Captivator?s Facebook status was updated last night to ?Great party last night off Venice Beach. Off to Acapulco next.?

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