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Wearable technology a turn-off says broker

While many in the London insurance market still rely on printed paper documents for their day to day business, others are enthusiastically pushing the hi-tech envelope. Take broker Steve Grabber, who not only totes a tablet around EC3, he is already stepping out in truly 21st century wearable technology.

We asked Grabber to keep a diary and share with readers his experiences of life as a gadget guinea pig. Here are some extracts:

MON ?It took me ages to get ready this morning. Usually I simply slip into my chalk stripe, lace up the old brogues and head for the station. Now I have to get used to putting on my ?connected garments? so I?m ?always on?. It?s a lot to ?boot up? ? from my google glasses down to my smart socks. I?m also making a different tie every morning using the pocket 3D printer I?ve been supplied with.?

TUES ?I tried out my smart helmet today in a meeting for the first time. It was a broker beauty parade for a potential new client. The first thing that happened was the receptionist called security when I refused to take the helmet off in the lobby. Security then called the police who cordoned off the whole office block meaning the prospective client missed his lunch. I managed to avert disaster by calling him on my phone watch and pretending I was nothing to do with the alert.?

WED ?New appointment with the prospect today and I waited till I was safely in his office until I put the smart helmet back on. I waited until he was talking to his secretary. He was so shocked when he came back in that he called security and I was arrested again! I?m giving up on the smart helmet with this luddite client.?

THURS ?This wearable technology suit they?ve given me is made of smart textiles ? it?s a connected garment and bloody heavy with all these batteries. Twenty double AAs! But the idea is that it monitors my vital statistics ? they call it ?wearable wellbeing?. Talk about spy in the cab. The boss ?virtually? sat in on my lunch meeting today and says I had too much ?augmented reality? courtesy of the claret the client ordered.

FRI ?I?ve been hacked! Would you believe it! All deal details from the January renewals have been swiped from my ?connected garments? by some Russian outfit ? commissions, riders, favourite jollies, everything. It must have happened after that character on the train asked to try on my smart helmet while I was busy trying to sync my Apple watch with my Google Glass. What a disaster. I?m going back to my Filofax, Barbour jacket and Epsom trilby??

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