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“I can't even spell fackeltative, let alone underwrite it”
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Broker Bean talks candidly about role reassignment

?As of today I am an underwriter,? said former broker Bruce Bean, his voice cracking with emotion. Bean is one of a growing number of insurance brokers opting to undergo role reassignment. ?I?ve always wanted to be an underwriter and even as a child I have felt like an underwriter trapped in a broker?s body.?

I am what I am. An underwriter

Bean, who was recently appointed head of the newly formed Mega Underwriting Agency, said the transition was long overdue. ?I?ve been living a lie for years, role playing behind closed doors but afraid to appear as an underwriter in public and especially at the office,? he admitted. ?However, with the encouragement of the Mega Group CEO who said he would sack me if I didn?t become an underwriter, I have started on my journey.?

Bean is aware of the challenges that lie ahead and the potential problem of finding acceptance among friends and colleagues on both sides of the divide. ?People will treat me differently, but that?s the idea. I may find that I have to rebuff the advances of former broker peers. But in this soft market I know that?s unlikely,? he said.

?Equally as Bruce Bean the pen holder I?m going to have new relationships in the underwriting community,? he said. ?But I?m excited about getting a new, more sober wardrobe. In fact being more sober will be a change. It will also help me to get in touch with my pompous side.?

Bean wouldn?t be drawn on how much medical intervention would be necessary to make the transition. ?I might need some shots to enhance my risk selection,? he said. ?The boss told me I would be in for the chop if I didn?t bring decent risks in!?

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