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Reinsurance Oscars latest

This year?s Reinsurance Oscars, known colloquially as The Retros, are set to see a titanic struggle between three movies looking to be named Best Reinsurance movie 2014.

Captain Phillips is the true story of the Lloyd?s marine underwriter, Captain Phillip ?Fillip? Phillips who takes the lead on a container ship captured by pirates. After the pirates demand a ransom, Phillips agrees to pay the claim and once the appropriate paperwork has been dealt with, several years later, the money has still not been sent to the pirates. However, in a tense stand-off lasting another five years, the pirates hire London lawyer Hugh Grossphee. After several years in High Court, the exhausted and disorientated pirates give up their claim and piracy and go back to fishing.

The Monuments Men is the untrue story of a bunch of middle-aged loss adjusters who are sent into France, Belgium and Germany to rescue artistic masterpieces from Nazi thieves and returning them to their rightful owners. The Nazis are ordered by Hitler to destroy everything. Faced with a total loss, the loss adjusters turn to the documentation to see if the claim is covered under the policy and to determine the correct value of the loss, in accordance with the policy terms. They discover a Claims Preparation Clause and a Nazi exclusion which saves the day and their client?s loss ratio.

Gravity is the story of Ray Shio, the lead underwriter from Gollum Re space division. He takes the lead on a shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope. The hapless underwriter is first told that the shuttle is a total loss but that one of the astronauts made it to the International Space Station. He then hears that the space station is also a total loss, after being hit by space junk - however, the astronaut managed to escape via a Soyuz capsule and headed for the Chinese Space Station. To his continuing horror, the astronaut leaves the Soyuz as a total loss after docking with this space station. However, the astronaut managed to enter the Shenzhou capsule, part of the space station, and though she survives, her capsule fills with water on landing in the ocean and sinks to the bottom, a total loss. The last scene shows Shio flipping burgers in a space theme park.

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