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New reinsurance apps released

The latest series of reinsurance apps has been released, available on all mobile and tablet platforms. The latest apps include Re-Exec Locator, which allows a reinsurance broking company to keep tabs on its executives at all times, especially when they are ?just heading off to the market for a few meetings?. This should not be confused with another app, Locator for Re-Exec, which provides information for reinsurance broking executives searching for their nearest pub, wine bar, Michelin-starred restaurant, lap-dancing club or casino. This can be used in conjunction with Re-Exec ReLocator which relocates the GPS signal of the reinsurance executive?s phone to the nearest underwriting office, thus foiling the afore-mentioned Re-Exec Locator and rendering it useless.

Another exciting app is Market Share Analyser which allows an underwriter to write for market share and see exactly what percentage of the market the company currently has. Can be used in conjunction with Investment Income Analyser which updates in real-time the impact of interest rates on investment income and hence the level of underwriting loss the company can withstand as a result of market share underwriting.

Other new apps include:
- Angry Actuaries
- Bubble Burst ? lets you know the optimum time to pull out of a sector before claims escalate and rates fall
- Shazam ? lip reading app that identifies what a reinsurance broker is talking about across a crowded room
- QBox ? works out the length of time a broker will have to queue at box
- Bermuda Shorts ? identifies when these are appropriate and where there may be inappropriate (but cannot explain why)
- Convention Check ? for use at industry events the morning after the night before. It explains to the befuddled reinsurance executive where he is, who he works for, what convention he is attending and why.


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