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Archived stories from 2013

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The chief executive of a European insurance/risk management/reinsurance federation yesterday issued a generic statement expressing concern/pleasure at measures aimed at delaying/speeding up some regulation or other. The chief executive said that the delay/imminent introduction of the regulation could affect the federation members? interests in a negative/positive way and asked for further clarification on the proposal because it was the first they?d heard of it.

Brazil and China have agreed a trade pact whereby they will expel all foreign insurance and reinsurance interests but allow one another?s state-owned interests full reciprocal market access. It is believed that Russia and India have been invited to join a trading bloc that will be known by the acronym BIRC. ?They continue to make BIRCs out of us so why not,? one UK CEO observed.

Insurance companies are expected to massively increase their investment in hand dryer platform solutions in response to the soft market, according to a tedious white paper from hand dryer manufacturer Dri Digitz Solutions Inc. Insurance executives worried about their prospects are spending more time hiding in the washroom soiling themselves and wringing their hands, the 60,000 word white paper said.


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