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Insurers continue to refuse to pay uninsured claims

The insurance industry is continuing with its "abhorrent and immoral campaign" to refuse to pay claims made by uninsured claimants. This is according to the Association for the Litigation of Insurance Claims, which accuses insurers of the deliberate exclusion of people without insurance.

"Just because someone hasn't actually bought an insurance policy is no reason to deny a claim," said Cassandra Deep-Pocket, president of AssLIC. "It's unconstitutional, unethical, unbelievable, unfunny, and wantonly unfair, especially if they've got whiplash." She went on: "In the old days, insurers followed the policy of "Utmost Good Faith" - this meant paying claims regardless. Now, all of sudden, you have to have an insurance policy. What's that all about?"

A survey commissioned by AssLIC found that 99% of uninsured persons had been denied a claim in the last six months. Corporations were also being denied claims on the grounds of uninsurability: 98% of completely uninsured companies received absolutely nothing after a major fire. The survey was even more equivocal when it came to uninsurable events. It found that 100% of uninsured companies that made a claim for a completely uninsurable event received zero compensation. In a strange twist, slightly insured companies received some money but not the full compensation.

"Next thing you know, they'll be saying that you have to pay them money up front before they'll consider paying a claim," said Deep-Pocket. "And that just makes no sense at all. It's one rule for the rich and another for the poor. I blame the recession." Cont p888

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