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Bermuda company trials invisibility cloak

An invisibility cloak that protects reinsurance underwriters from the unwanted attentions of brokers and journalists is being trialled at conferences this year.

The invisibility cloak worn by the underwriters of a Bermuda reinsurer is made from metamaterial. Metamaterials are materials unavailable in nature or Marks & Spencer, in which the microstructure is changed to create unusual properties such as bending of electromagnetic waves. The

The so-called conference 'cloaking' device, bends light around the reticent underwriter so that you don't see him or her, but you also don't see that the light has been bent.

It enters the material in a straight line and it also leaves the device in the same direction in came from, as if nothing had happened to it. The technology could be applied in the areas of communications, wireless energy transfer, sensors and security.

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