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New "funky" hurricane names

The Centre for Giving Names to Hurricanes, headquartered in San Jose, California, has announced new hurricane names after the latest storms were described as ?dull and banal? by observers.

Hurricane names

The hurricane lists are rotated and names are only retired from the list if the storm is particularly bad. Also, the lists exclude names that begin with a ?Q? or ?U.? ?Not only are the names staggeringly dull,? said Ian Dorsement, a reinsurance executive at Dysent Re, ?but they rotate them! And no Q?s. That?s just rubbish. This change is long overdue.?

The names for 2011 include Bonnie, Colin, Fiona, Igor, Otto, Richard and Walter. ?Jeez, I mean, Colin! And Richard! Come on, these are hopeless.?

The Centre for Giving Names to Hurricanes, which is the central organisation with responsibility for giving names to hurricanes, has now released the updated list for the remainder of 2010. ?We have responded to the criticism of our names as being tired and dated, by going for a new modern approach,? said a spokesman. ?I think they?re kind of funky, but then, I?m totally down with the kids.?

The Centre revealed that the changes had involved a management consultancy, a design team, a consulting linguist, and a zeitgeist professional. The new list had cost $1.2 million in total.

The new list comprises: Angelina, Barack, Buzz, Carla, GaGa, iPad, JayZ, Jensen, Messi, PoshnBecks, SamCam, Shrek IV, Twitter, Usain, Vettel, Wii.

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