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Archived stories from Nov 2010

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Supa Broka Launches Total Fac-App for iPods, iPads, iPuds, iPhones and BlackBerrys

Supa Broka today announces the launch of an application for its proprietary global facultative placement platform, FaC-aLL.

Total FaC-App, which will be available shortly, can be used across a range of Apple products ? including the iPod Touch, the fast growing iPad, and iPhone. It will also be available in BlackBerry?s App World.

Launching the Total FaC-App widens the distribution channel for FaC-aLL and increases its potential user base, Supa Broka said.

The FaC-aLL platform can still be accessed from any internet-enabled device, such as a desktop or laptop computer in the office. But the Total FaC-App application allows clients and markets to trade while they are in Balls Brothers opposite Lloyd?s, at the horse races, on the golf course or even at home in bed with a cup of tea.

Theresa Geekfrau, head of Apps at Supa Broka said that Total FaC-App had been designed to give clients fast access to the dynamic and fast-trading facultative market, where a rapid response time is essential.

?Our clients can now utilize an array of products on the move, in the bath, on the roof, on the dance floor or in their local garden centre (if it has wi-fi). Assuming they have time for work between updating their Facebook page, checking LinkedIn, buying stuff off Amazon and selling stuff on eBay, they can transact business any goddamn time they like.?

Chip Ramrom, the editor of What?s App? Magazine told RISKbitz that he expects to see more applications designed specifically for the reinsurance industry. ?I expect to see more applications designed specifically for the reinsurance industry,? he said. ?I?ve heard that Supa Broka is planning an application for accessing cat XL coverage in peak zones that will be called Total WinD-App??

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