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“I can't even spell fackeltative, let alone underwrite it”
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Now That's What I Call Insurance 147

The insurance market has released a new album available on CD and as a download at all good file sharing websites. The album ?Now That?s What I Call Insurance 147? contains crap cover versions of classic tunes. The album is on sale from dodgy geezers selling badly copied versions of top CDs and DVDs, mostly hanging around the entrance to Lloyd?s and Aldgate Tube Station.

Full listing is as follows:

1. A Hard Market's Gonna Come
2. House Of The Rising Rates
3. I Can?t Stand The Rate
4. I Can Cede Clearly Now
5. Do You Know The Way To Leadenhall Market
6. He Ain?t Heavy, He?s My Broker
7. Should I Stay Or Should I Set Up A Captive
8. Things Can Only Get Harder
9. All I Have To Do (Is Increase Rates)
10. That?ll Be The Day (When You Increase Rates)
11. When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Move To Bermuda
12. Uptown Top Rating
13. I?d Like To Teach The World To Make An Underwriting Profit
14. Pump Up The Rates
15. Don?t Cry For Me Bermuda


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