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Archived stories from Dec 2019

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Hapless credit insurance policy launched

Hapless Insurance has announced the launch of a new credit insurance policy. The new policy is taking advantage of the credit crisis and demand for insurance products in the credit sector.

The new policy, called Hapless Take the Credit Insurance, covers the insured against someone else taking the credit for something. Sir Cuthbert ?Cutty? Sark, chairman and CEO of Hapless, said that in a recession with jobs on the line, more and more senior managers would be taking the credit for underlings? work. Our policy will pay out if someone can show that they had a great idea, or did a great piece of work, that was subsequently claimed by someone else.?

In a separate move, trade credit insurer Exporticus, part of the Bank Rup group, has revealed that it is to pull out of trade credit. ?Trading credit just isn't working for us,? said managing director Ian Forcer. ?No-one's got any credit to trade, so we just can't make any money. So we're thinking of trading something else. Maybe football cards. Or Top Trumps.?


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