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Historic election of Sir Nobby to presidency of LUA

RISKbitz belatedly brings news of the historic election of Sir Norbert

?Give me your change?

Sir Norbert is the LIU's very first minor public school president. ?I know the ULI has a long history of presidents from the leading public schools, but my old alma mater, St Olafs-by-the-Sea, was a damned fine school with some jolly good chaps. Good solid decent fellows - not high flyers, not by any stretch of the imagination, which of course they utterly lack, but middle of the road, ambitionless, salt of the earth types - most of whom are now in senior management in the insurance industry,? said Sir Nobby.

During the campaign, some political commentators in the media pointed out that Sir Nobby wasn?t actually a public school boy at all. ?My mother went to a state comprehensive school, it's true, but my father definitely went to a public school. And although my school is only a minor public school, and used to be a plain old grammar school, I nevertheless own an old school tie, speak fluent Latin, and have an unhealthy interest in corporal punishment. I am thus utterly suited to heading up a financial institution in the City.?

During the campaign, his opponents tried to use Sir Nobby's middle name against him. ?Yes they tried to slur me with innuendo, but it didn't work. My name may sound like London?s nemesis, but it is a traditional old Surrey name,? said Sir Norbert Bemuda Johnson.

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