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Archived stories from 2006

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Captive expert found responsible for conference riot

US captive expert Paul Rosencutt incited rioting at the recent World Captive Forum after he declined to pose a controversial question to an expert panel, aggrieved conference organisers allege.

Rioting delegates caused over $50 million in damage at the 5 star Barbados Sheraton, hurling chairs through hospitality suite windows and destroying exhibit booths. ?I paid nearly $400 to attend this conference only to find that Rosencutt had no tricky question up his sleeve,? said Lancaster Marshall III, a captive manager from Spokane. ?That makes me kind of crazy.?

Asked if he felt responsible for the orgy of destruction visited on the conference venue, guest speaker Rosencutt was reported as saying, ?If the conference organiser?s captive is based on Vanuatu and it has a double bottomed excess of loss programme dovetailing with a bi-partisan LoC agreement linked to a cross-ply FX option brake, then no I don?t feel responsible.? cont p4,392

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