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UK's 128% tax rate "is competitive" says Minister

The UK government has courageously defended the competitiveness of the London insurance market against the threat of Bermuda by announcing that there will be no special tax breaks, no special reserving breaks, and no breaks whatsoever. ?This?ll show Bermuda and all those other lower tax regions,? said Ed Inthasand, the Minister for anti-competitiveness.

?The government believes that a corporation tax of 128% is the perfect way to deal with the issue,? he said. ?We have every confidence in the London insurance market. So much so that we are thinking of raising corporation tax just for insurers. That?s how confident we are in the market.?

The ministerial idiot went on: ?We have every confidence in the skills and experience that are available in the London market, even though they have all moved to Bermuda.?

The Government said it did not think there was any correlation between the tax regime in Bermuda, the high rate of corporation tax in the UK, and the moves of dozens of insurers and reinsurers to Bermuda in the last year or so. ?I know they have all said that they moved to Bermuda for tax reasons, but I simply don?t believe it,? said the ministerial berk.

He added miserably, ?Anyway, sod ?em. Good riddance. We don?t want their tax money anyway, so there. They should be tried for treason, leaving their homeland for a foreign country, even though it is part of the Commonwealth and a British Crown Colony ruled by her Majesty. Damn.?

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