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Mocha Re in shock "women-friendly company" vote

Mocha Re has been voted one of the top 50 companies for women to work for. The annual listing provides a guide to the best companies, as voted by female employees.

Sir Nobby?s ideal employees

Mocha Re?s chief executive Sir Norbert ?Nobby? Johnson, expressed surprise at the announcement. ?Bloody hell, that?s a turn up for the books,? said Sir Nob. ?Still, we do employ a lot of ladies as cleaners, secretaries and in the canteen. And mostly they are lovely lasses. Between you and me, some of them are absolutely gorgeous. Real totty. And some of them are quite clever. I think we?ve even got a lady assistant underwriter.?

A press officer for Mocha Re later apologised for Sir Norbert?s remarks, saying he had been quoted out of context, off the record, and off his head. The spokesman pointed out that the company had a good record on ?dealing with the ladies? and most of the court cases had now been settled. He added ?It?s only when they get pregnant that we have a problem with women employees, when they want to be paid for doing nothing for ages. That and childcare. And some of them get really ratty each month. Oops. Probably shouldn?t have said that. Bugger. No comment.?

It was later revealed that a computer glitch meant that Mocha Re had been included in the list in error. It should have been on a second list, ?Top 10 Most Chauvinistic Companies to Work for.?

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