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“All I'm saying is, if we keep on converging, we'll end up disappearing up our own ORSA. ”
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Top Stories

London Market referendum on leaving London

The groups representing the two sides of the referendum over whether the London Market should pull out of London have launched their respective campaigns. The date of the referendum has yet to be set but is believed to be linked to the implementation date for Solvency III. The question being asked at the referendum is: Should the London Market remain a member of London or leave London?

London to pull out of London?

The campaign to remain in London comprises 99.5% of the market itself. The group, called 'London is the place for me,' points out that being in London has many benefits for the London Market. A spokeswoman said: "We're in London, we've always been in London, that's why we're called the London Market. If we moved offshore, as the other lot are calling for us to do, we'd be Bermuda. But we're not." more...

Top Loss returns to screens

Sir Dudley - was he pushed
or was he shoved?

The London Market's flagship TV programme, Top Loss, is returning to our screens with a new presenter and a brand new format. Following the acrimonious departure of Sir Dudley "Dumbo" Duddleston, Chief Executive, Hoggwartz Global Insurance, the producers were keen to move the programme in an exciting new direction.

Replacing Sir Dud was always going to be difficult for the show. He has a loyal following in EC3 who enjoyed his drunken blatherings about burning cost ratios and cut through endorsements. He was notoriously contemptuous of brokers and technology of any sort, and was famous for his comments on Bermuda ('Shorts-gate'), marketing executives ('Tosser-gate'), on-line platforms ('Total Crap-gate') and actuaries ("jolly sound fellows").

Other News
Today's dilemma

Solvency III anyone?

Up all night to Get Lucky
I'm Delphine - come up and see my Risque World sometime


I thought we were onto Solvency V?



Typical. We've only just achieved compliance with Solvency I.


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